2012 August (4.4MB)
President’s Message
MEMBERSHIP Referral Incentive Scheme
SLP’s Book Prize
Course on Design of Pressure Relief & Flare Systems
TECHNICAL TALK Overfilling & PSM Elements
Course on Managing Risks
  2011 July (3218kb)
20th Annual General Meeting of SLP
SLP Book Prize Winner – Mr Khoo Puay Ning
Process Safety Best Practice Forum 2011
Management of Instrumented Protective Systems
Pressure Relief Study and Evergreening – Why it is Important?
  2011 February (2526kb)
President’s Message
Risk Based Process Safety & Culture
Consequence Analysis
Upcoming Events
Recognition Dinner with Mr. Ong See Hee
  2010 November (721kb)
Electronic Work Permit
Risk Based Process Safety
  2010 July (480k)
President’s Message
SLP 19th AGM
SLP & IES to Collaborate on Training
Book Review –  A Guide to Polymeric Geomembranes
  2010 May (105kb)
  2010 February
Corporate Member Appreciation Night
Marine Barrage
Hazop Leaders
ISO31000 – Risk Management
  2009 December
Yokogawa Visit
How to develop PSM Metrics
Revised SS506
  2009 October (827kb)
Peeling the Layers to Keep Tears Away
President’s Message
18th Annual General Meeting
Dust Explosion
CCPS Process Safety Beacon
 nl0905 2009 May (3430kb)
Targeting Zero
President’s Message
Safety & Health Mgt System for Oil & Petrochemical Industry
Visit to Corporate Member Schering-Plough
Corporate Best Practise Sharing – Chartered Semiconductor Mfg
Book Review – Groundwater in the Environment: An Introduction
  2008 Dec
SLP Members Nite Formula 1 2008
President’s Message
First Hazop Leader Course
First Technical Visit to a Wafer Fab Foundry
Book Review – Clean Green and Blue – Singapore’s Journey
  2007 December (4470KB)
Incident Investigation Course
President’s Message
Process Safety Performance Indicators (Metrics)
Visit to Civil Defense Academy
Launch of CERT Assessment by SCDF
Book Review – Guidelines for Risk Based Process Safety
Change Form
  2007 August (2104kb)
Gas, Vapor & Dust Explosions and Electrostatic Hazards Course
President’s Message
Welcome – Eastman & Eastman Chemicals
Welcome – Horizon Terminals
Technical Talk – Fires & Explosions – Incidents, Causes, Lessons
16th Annual General Meeting
Book Review – New API Recommended Practice on Portable Building Siting
Change Form
  2007 April (1240kb)
Security Vulnerability for Chemical Industry
Gas Vapor Dust Explosion
President’s Message
Book Review
 nl0612_cover 2006 Dec (685kb)
Building Siting – A Fresh Look
Can You Afford a Texas City Accident?
President’s Message
Announcement Security Vulnerability
 nl0607 2006 July
SLP Members’ Night cum Dumpling Festival
President’s Message
2006 Annual General Meeting
Honorary Fellowship for John Lockwood
Andy Choi SLP Recognition Award
Welcome to New Members
  2006 March (507kb)
Joint SLP/IES course on Emergency Response Planning
President’s Message
Dust Explosion Protection
Course Review System Safety, by Prof Nancy Leveson
SLP Members’ Night Cum Dumpling Festival
Welcome to New Members
  2005 November (2250kb)
SLP 2005 Conference – New Initiatives in Loss Prevention
President’s Message
Job Safety Analysis
Joint IES-SLP course on Emergency Response Plan
Technical Talk on Security Awareness
Environmental Technology-Book Review
Welcome to New Members
  2005 May (478kb)
Lessons Learned from an accident investigation
President’s Message
Visit to GlaxoSmith Kline (GSK)
Annual General Meeting
Bio-remediation of oil contaminated soil and sludge
New Initiatives in Loss Prevention
SLP Social Nite
Welcome to New Members
  2005 February (606kb)
Behavior Based Safety (371kb)
Editorial (33kb)
President’s Message (33kb)
Members’ Nite is here again (181kb)
Bhopal 20th Anniversary (18kb)
MOM Recognize SLP (18kb)
Welcome (44kb)