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Application shall be made with a crossed cheque payable to “Society of Loss Prevention (Singapore)” for the amount in Singapore Dollars as appropriate to the membership shown below.
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(Extract from the Constitution of the Society)

5(a) There shall be five (5) classes of membership, namely Honorary Fellows, Ordinary Members, Associate Members, Student Members and Corporate Members. Only Ordinary Members and Corporate Members have voting rights at the Society’s general meetings. As such, Ordinary Members and Corporate Members shall be known as Voting Members of the Society.

5(b) Honorary Fellows shall be distinguished and eminent persons whose membership shall in the opinion of the Executive Committee add prestige to or advance the interest of the Society. Honorary Fellows shall only be conferred by the Executive Committee.

5(c) Ordinary Members shall be persons:either

i) who are not less than 21 years of age; and
ii) who are graduates from recognised universities and polytechnics in the field of engineering, applied science and industrial/occupational
iii) who have minimum three (3) years of industrial or relevant experience in the area of loss prevention,
iv) who have been practising loss prevention in the Industries in senior positions for a period of not less than ten (10) years.

5(d) Associate Members shall be persons who are interested in the area of loss prevention and related areas.

5(e) Student Members shall be persons who are undergraduates or students of recognised universities and polytechnics or equivalent in the field of engineering, science, biomedical, life sciences, occupational safety and health, industrial hygiene, or any related field of studies.

5(f) Corporate Members shall be companies whose activities and business are related to the “Process Industries”, or companies who are interested in the promotion of loss prevention. Each Corporate Member shall be entitled to nominate two (2) representatives to represent the company at the Society’s activities and any general meetings. The nomination is subject to the approval by the Executive Committee.

6(a) A person wishing to join the Society should submit his personal particulars by completing an application form as prescribed by the Society and sent it to the Honorary Secretary.

6(b) The applicant must be proposed and seconded by existing Voting Members. His or her membership application shall be reviewed and approved or disapproved by the Executive Committee whose decision is final. The Executive Committee will determine the class of membership to which a membership application is approved. A copy of the Constitution of the Society shall be provided to every successful applicant who has paid the prescribed fees.

7 The above Clauses 6(a) and 6(b) shall also be applicable to a company wishing to join the Society as Corporate Member.