Why Join SLP?

President’s Message

CS Teng

Since our start in 1990 and registration under the Societies Act on 5 March 1991, the Society of Loss Prevention (SLP), a non-profit organisation, has been at the forefront of Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) focus in the process industry.

Our Vision
To be the leading Society for Loss Prevention in the Process Industries in the region.

Our Mission
To advance loss prevention by sharing knowledge, experiences and lessons learned through training, engagement, networking and collaboration.

Our Contributions
SLP support our corporate members, ordinary members and student members:

  • To make contacts and network with those who can impact individual’s professional development and access to new opportunities.
  • By providing a common platform for face-to-face dialogues with relevant regulatory agencies on environment, health and safety legislations in Singapore’s context.
  • By offering opportunities to represent SLP on advisory committees of MOM, WSHC, SCDF and SPRING.
  • To influence the direction of regulations, national standards, codes of practice and technical references to have reasonable and practical approaches in process risk management and enable compliance.
  • To contribute technical and managerial skills and knowledge to the community of practice, to enhance the prevention of catastrophic incidents.

Our Collaboration
SLP have signed Memorandum of Understanding with two local institutes:

  1. Between Singapore Institute of Technology, Employment and Employability Institute and SLP” and
  2. Between Singapore Institute of Technology and SLP.

These collaborations enable SLP reach out to Professionals, Managers, Engineers and Technicians (PMETs) of the Process Industries, to support their professional development and upgrade their skills to stay current and competent.

Our Communications
SLP have an online communication channels to serve our Members and the Community at large. Do visit our SLP website and Facebook page at http://slp.org.sg and https://www.facebook.com/slpsg/ for more information.