Major Hazards Symposium 2023

Major Hazards Symposium 2022
September 1, 2022
Fire Safety Governance and Compliance in Singapore 2024
January 30, 2024

Major Hazards Symposium 2023


Event Overview

Food, Chemical and Biotechnology

Half day

Professional Development Units

PDU (PEB) – Pending approval
SDU (SISO) – Pending approval
CPD-FSM (SCDF) – Pending approval

The annual Major Hazards Symposium is back, and this year’s theme is focused on “Optimising the Value of Mechanical Integrity”.

Join us for this engaging half-day virtual symposium to discover the importance of mechanical integrity in averting major accident scenarios, such as fires, explosions, and toxic releases.

During the event, industry speakers will share the technical aspects of the safety case in relation to process safety, mechanical and electrical control instrumentation. The breakout sessions will offer an opportunity for the symposium attendees to share best practices and insights in managing the mechanical integrity programme.