External Committees

SLP Representations in External Committees 2024

SLP Singapore is represented in several Working Committees in other Organisations:

Enterprise Singapore

#Name of CommitteeRepresentative
1Quality and Safety Standards Committee (QSSC)Mr Lim Kee Huat


#Name of CommitteeRepresentative
1CASCO Technical CommitteeDr Ivan Sin

SLP Past Representations in External Committees

Workplace Safety & Health Council (Chemical Industries)

#Name of CommitteeRepresentative
1Process Safety Leading Indicators Sub-CommitteeTay Cheng Pheng
2Workplace Safety and HealthNgiam Tong Yuen
3Workgroup on Insurance Sub-group of WSHCNgiam Tong Yuen
4Case Studies Sub-Committee Sub-group of WSHC (CI) CommitteeOng See Hee
5Work Group (Risk Management Guideline) Project completed and WG DissolvedOng See Hee

SPRING Singapore

#Name of CommitteeRepresentative
1General Engineering and Safety Standards CommitteeTay Cheng Pheng
2Management Systems Standards CommitteeNgiam Tong Yuen
Reginald Tan
3Occupational Safety & Health Management Technical Committee (OSHMTC)Jacob Soh
4Committee on Conformity Assessment (CASCO)Ngiam Tong Yuen
5Environmental Standards CommitteeReginald Tan
6ISO13000 Risk Management Work GroupOng See Hee
7ISO Technical Committee 207
Sub-Committee 5 Life Cycle Assessment
Reginald Tan
8ISO Technical Committee 207
Sub-Committee 5
Working Group 7 Eco-efficiency Assessment
Reginald Tan