About Us


Introducing SLP


  • What is SLP?
    SLP is the Society of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries
  • When was SLP registered?
    SLP was registered on 5 March 1991.
  • What does Loss Prevention mean?
    Loss Prevention means the prevention of all losses associated with incidents and accidents in the oil, chemical and process industries i.e. proactively safeguarding the safety and health of people, preventing damage to property and preserving the environment.
  • How do you define Process Industries?
    Process Industries refer to any industrial installations engaged in manufacturing, processing, handling and storage of petroleum and chemicals.

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What are the SLP objectives?
SLP’s mission is:

    • Promote loss prevention in the Process Industries.
    • Facilitate the exchange of loss prevention information among industries, relevant agencies and research organisations.
    • Disseminate information on recent advances in industrial practices for loss prevention through publications, technical talks, short courses and conferences.
    • Hold meetings and exhibitions, and conduct visits and other related activities for the promotion of loss prevention.
    • In this context, Loss Prevention means the prevention of all losses associated with incidents and accidents in the Process industries.

To meet these objectives, the Society promotes:

    • Conferences
    • Continuing educational programmes
    • Information exchange on loss prevention among industries, regulatory authorities, government agencies and academia.




What are the major activities organised by SLP?

The major events are:

  • Short Courses
  • Conferences / Seminars
  • Technical talks
  • Technical visits
  • Social Functions
  • Public Forums

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Communication Network

How does SLP communicate with its members?
SLP communicates with its members by SLP newsletters, surveys, reports, meetings and informal sessions.

How does SLP collaborate with International Associations and promote Technical Exchange on a worldwide basis?
By jointly organising international conferences with CCPS (Centre for Chemical Process Safety) of American Institute of Chemical Engineers; European Process Safety Centre and The Health & Safety Executive (UK). [/one_half]


Management & Finance

Who manages SLP?
SLP is a non-profit organisation registered with the Registry of Societies. The Executive Committee elected at Annual General Meeting manages it.

How is SLP financed?
SLP is financed solely by the proceeds of its activities and by members’ subscriptions. [/one_half]
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Category Entrance Fees (S$) Annual Subscription (S$)
Honorary Fellow
Ordinary Member 30 80
Associate Member 30 40
Student Member 10
Corporate Member 600

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