• Monday , 24 September 2018

Functional Committees for August 2012 to Jun 2014

Fellow members,
At the August meeting of your Executive Committee, we discussed and agreed on our new Functional Committees as a replacement for the old committee structure where we had 3 sub-committees. Your exco. agreed to reduce the sub-committees to two. This is to optimise the deployment of our resources and reduce overlap.

The new Functional Committees and their responsibilities are shown in the chart below. Please note that the chart will be used to guide the committees when they plan our activities for 2012/2013 and beyond.

Exco. will be pleased to hear from you about the kinds of activities that you would like to see being carried out for our benefit.

Thanks and regards.

Tay Cheng Pheng


A. Communications, Publicity & Networking Committee
B. Education & Training Committee
Functional Responsibilities

1  Membership and Networking
2  Collaboration
3  SLP Awards (to education institutions)
4  SLP Website and e-Newsletter

Functional Responsibilities

1  Training and Education
2  Technical Talk, Workshop, Best Practices and Lessons learnt
3  National(Technical Committee Representation) and/or International Representation)


Mr. Teng Chong Seng


Mr. Ivan Sin Siang Meng


Ngiam Tong Yuen
Jacob Soh Chong Seng
Linus Lin Shun Long
Michael Yan Kin Tuck


Lam Kit Wing
Gregory Poi Jun Khaw
Tay Cheng Pheng
Jaggi K Ramesh

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